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“Rob, Phil and the BS Handling team have been superb partners over the last four years. They’re thoroughly professional, flexible and yet fun to work with. They listen to our ideas and are quick to react with solutions.”

Matthew Maxwell – Head of Operations – Mindful Chef



“The team at BS Handling Systems did a fantastic job throughout. They are exceptionally easy to deal with and very responsive, always demonstrating a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Gary Beveridge – Director of Supply Chain Development – ASOS




“From day one of working with BS Handling it was clear that they were no ordinary supplier. There was always a willingness to go the extra mile and it was obvious that they had our best interest at heart.”

Matthew Maxwell – Production Lead – Mindful Chef




“There is no doubt in my mind that BS Handling Systems has played a major part in the success of this new DC. To care for us now and in the future, we have invested in an ongoing maintenance and support package with them. This gives us real peace of mind with access to a 24/7 helpline with a guaranteed call back time within half an hour.”

Steve Hicks – Managing Director Contract Logistics UK – Noatum Logistics UK



“We had a great working relationship with BS Handling Systems and chose them for their honest and innovative approach – they weren’t afraid to challenge us. They developed a realistic timeline and worked extremely well on site whilst we were still operational. Despite being disrupted by the COVID-19 lockdown, they far exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the partnership.”

Eric Hodnett – UK Logistics Manager – Ted Baker

“BS Handling Systems worked with us to understand our throughput volumes and requirements. They were very willing to collaborate with us to produce the best solution and accommodated many design changes during the process. The system has enabled us to double our throughput capacity, reduce the number of shifts needed per day and reduce lead times.”

John Howe – Head of Operations – Advanced Supply Chain Group

“The conveyor system is tailored to our sortation needs and enables us to handle our peak volumes without any issues. BS Handling Systems were very flexible with the project and met our strict installation deadline.”

Ben Hulme – Head of Operations – PrettyLittleThing

“The ASOS website and product range is continuing to grow at pace. In order to meet this demand, we needed to increase our carton storage capacity.”

“The most efficient way for us to do this was to create the Doncaster storage facility. We had a brand new, empty space and we wanted to maximise its carton storage capacity by fitting it out with the best possible racking solution.”

“We wanted to get the installation completed as soon as possible to avoid any delays to launching the Doncaster facility. This was a real credit to the BS Handling Systems team as they finished on schedule and in budget.”

Mike Kosciukiewicz – Head of Returns Operations – ASOS Supply Chain

“We needed to increase the capacity of our Barnsley facility to match the growing product range and meet the demands of peak periods.”

“The expansion has significantly increased the storage capacity for the Barnsley site. Our product range is now so large, we need to ensure we have enough space to store sufficient levels of stock to supply order demand.”

“It was a challenging project, not only because we had specific design elements, but also the installation had to be completed within a five month period whilst our operation was still live.”

“We have worked with BS Handling Systems on several projects now and, throughout this process, they maintained the same very high standards we have come to expect.”

Mike Kosciukiewicz – Head of Returns Operations – ASOS Supply Chain

“From our initial correspondence with BS Handling Systems, the level of professionalism they showed us gave me a lot of confidence that they were highly capable of completing this project. First impressions are not always correct, but their extensive knowledge gave me peace of mind that they really knew what they were talking about and that they would be able to deliver the right solution for us.”

“Beyond the first impression, they then had to deliver in terms of specification, price and delivery schedule. As the discussions progressed and they made the necessary site visits, they continued to tick the other boxes for us. As well as their high level of competency, BS Handling System’s quote was very competitive.”

“Ultimately for me, however, it’s not necessarily just about the cost. With BS Handling Systems, I felt the value for money they were offering us was far better than their competitors in terms of the quality, delivery, specification and installation promise.”

Russ Ellis – Production Development Manager – SCA Wood UK

“The challenge for us was to provide an automated solution for sorting and storing empty totes and pallets at MINI plant Oxford.”

“The operators were previously manually sorting the totes and moving them on foot. They would then stack them onto pallets and strap them by hand. However this was very time consuming and the operators found it difficult to manage the increasingly high volume of totes.”

“The automated sortation system in the ILC building (80) has been designed to handle up to 1250 totes per hour and is operational 22 hours a day, five days a week. The system has improved efficiencies at the Oxford MINI plant and freed operators to focus on more important tasks in the production plant.”

Rob Smith – Managing Director, BS Handling Systems

“When you looked at the proposed layout from BS Handling you could tell that they had really listened to what we were saying and understood what we were aiming to do. They were absolutely immersed in the design process with us, sharing ideas and being creative whilst also being realistic in terms of what would work operationally and the cost implications.”

“In terms of what won it for them, it is their attention to detail and the fact that they are very customer focused and collaborative. They not only came back with the best design, but also with the shortest lead-time and a realistic price.”

“From the start to the finish BS Handling Systems made sure they delivered on their promise to make it a success, they have excelled themselves.”

Mike Kosciukiewicz – Senior Development Manager, ASOS Supply Chain

“BS Handling Systems was involved with the fit out process right from the start. I had complete confidence in their commitment to the programme, which was a difficult one due to the strict deadlines and the fact that we weren’t working to a fixed design. They coped very well with all the changes that were made, pointing out any issues and just getting on with it. It was an evolving design process and they played a significant role in helping with that design.”

“A critical aspect of my job is managing the relationship with my client. In order to do that I have to rely on contractors who are flexible and able to deliver and BS Handling was absolutely central to that.”

“BS Handling work well. They don’t get a lot of my time but I can give them an expectation of what is required and then leave them with the problem. I’m now working with them on Phase 2 of the project – fitting out the new mezzanine.”

Tim Owrid – Development Director, Clipper Logistics

“BS Handling Systems are a great team to work with. What sets them apart is that they work with you; they care about the project and they are enthusiastic to do the best possible job.”

“They are also very flexible. If we change our minds, or want to do something differently, they are very responsive and able to react quickly with new ideas.”

Mike Kosciukiewicz – Senior Development Manager, ASOS Supply Chain




“We considered other suppliers for this contract but chose BS Handling as they are completely familiar with our requirements and our way of working.”

“BS Handling understands the importance of hitting deadlines but remaining flexible. It was a challenging situation for BS Handling which required a lot of co-ordination and management, but it worked really well.”

Ant Everett – Engineering & Technology Director, Clipper Logistics




bsh_cs_boohoo_lr-1“We chose BS Handling Systems for this project because we already had good experience of the company delivering quality projects for us, on time and in budget. These included the installation of a rack supported mezzanine and four goods lifts. During the installation of these projects they also demonstrated their ability to work around a very busy operation.”

“When we were considering the alternatives for this particular project, they offered us a very cost effective solution which we knew would give us exactly the option we needed, so naturally they were given the contract.”

“It’s proved to be a very reliable solution and it can run 24/7 without any problems. Now that we are using the new system we have a much better facility to handle and sort our finished parcels in a safe, accurate and efficient way.”

David Moores – Head of Operations – Logistics, boohoo.com

“Their proven track record gave us confidence that they would be able to meet our strict deadlines and work within the budget set.”

“From the outset they demonstrated that their brand values are very much aligned to ours – they are both responsive and extremely agile.”

“They collaborated well with the other contractors, delivering the project to specification both on time and in budget.”

Rob Kay, Project Manager, Clipper Logistics


v2-bs_handling_rif_case_study-27-jan-2014-1“From the first meeting, it was clear that Robert Smith not only knew what he was talking about, but that he also had a straightforward, no nonsense approach to business.

“We asked him to quote alongside some of the more established racking suppliers. In the end, however, it wasn’t a difficult decision to award the contract to BS Handling for several reasons.

“Firstly, the solution BS offered us was exactly what we were looking for, not just what they wanted to sell. Secondly, it was competitively priced which, of course, is always very important in any negotiation. And finally, I felt comfortable dealing with Robert because, as the owner of the business, I knew he would listen and act on what we said.

“As the project progressed, I was very impressed by the way BS Handling was able to incorporate changes to the specification, even as the job went up.” 

Dominic Bacon – Director, Rif Logistics


v3-bs-mori-lee-case-study-15-nov-2013-1“BS Handling won the business thanks to a combination of price, previous experience and flexibility. They understood exactly what we required and were able to design the right solution for our specific needs.

“They suggested that the new single tier garment racking should be designed in such a way that we could expand vertically, as and when more storage capacity was necessary. It was a very good call; within 12 months of moving to the new premises we did indeed need more hanging garment space. As BS Handling had allowed for this, with very little disruption we were able to add a second tier on top of the single tier previously installed.

“There is no doubt the BS Handling team has done an excellent job. They are very easy and fair to work with and nothing is too much trouble.”

Graham Connell – General Manager, Mori Lee


 “The renovation of Warehouse G was a major part of the contract worth around £½m. For this task I was looking for a partner who was not only effective at managing a complex project but also could combine good price points with reliability and commitment. It was against these criteria that I selected BS Handling to carry out the work.

“During the difficult build and installation process the enthusiasm of Robert and the BS Handling team meant that they hit all the critical path points, completing the storage system both on time and in budget.

“Robert didn’t disappoint when it came to this much bigger job, demonstrating his really hands-on project management style.”