Cutting-edge Automation and Robotics for a Balanced Warehouse

In partnership with Wise Robotics, we offer flexible and scalable warehouse automation solutions to help make your business more efficient.

Through cutting-edge robotics, streamlined integration with your existing infrastructure and smart business intelligence software, you can optimise your warehouse and manufacturing operations, speed up fulfilment and meet the demands of your customers now and in the future.

Why Automate? – The Key Benefits

1. Faster Fulfilment: Customers have seen pick rate increases of over 200% within weeks of initial implementation.

2. Maximum Productivity: On average, customers see a 3x increase in warehouse throughput.

3. Rapid ROI: ROI is typically achieved between 12 and 36 months from implementing a Wise Robotics solution in conjunction with BS Handling Systems.

4. Reduce costs: Limit the installation of expensive fixed infrastructure and the spiralling costs of temporary labour to meet seasonal peak periods.

Goods-to-Person Solutions

In conjunction with Wise Robotics, we offer Goods-to-Person automations that help drive efficiency and throughput in your warehouse, increase fulfilment rates and provide the flexibility to adapt to ongoing changes in demand.

Materials Handling Solutions

Our goal is to design flexible automated materials handling solutions that will dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of your operation. They will help you handle the next generation of challenges in materials handling across your operations.

Businesses today are facing significant operational challenges driven by growth, changing customer behaviour and the need to deliver speed and scalability.

The Wise Robotics materials handling solutions deliver fully automated movement of goods between locations, as well as fast and efficient organisation of goods. Our solutions can help you increase your throughput by up to 300%, thereby meeting customer demand as well as saving time and costs.


Streamlined Software Integration

The Wise Robotics solutions integrate directly with your existing ERP or WMS software. The Robot Control System (RCS) gives you precision control over your robots.

Combined with the Wise Robotics Automation Hub the RCS delivers an intelligent API for easy access to data and robotic activity as well as integration with existing software and equipment.

Meet the Robots…

The Q3

The Q3 maximises fulfilment from third-party logistics (3PL) centres through to eCommerce warehouses. With its speed and smaller size, the Q3 provides efficient storage and accelerated operations.

The Q7

Making light work of heavier loads, the Q7 injects pace and power into Goods-to Person, Materials Movement or production line solutions. Whether you are in 3PL, eCommerce, or manufacturing sectors, if your business is focused around heavier items, the Q7 is your ideal solution.

The F4

A powerful and precise robot delivering fast and accurate automated forklift operations. The F4 handles all manner of large and irregular loads with both extreme accuracy and high speed, working in synergy with goods to person, materials movement and production line operations.


Flexible Automation Solutions

Our goal is to create balanced warehouses utilising both flexible automation and robotics alongside conveyors, sortation and storage solutions. This balanced approach allows for rapid deployment into any warehouse, regardless of shape or size. Any shifts, expansions, or changes you could ever need, can be both easily accommodated, and greatly enhanced.

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